I’m often asked about my tools for producing and mixing. I’ve got a fairly simple setup but very happy with it. I mix mostly in the box due to time/cost effectiveness. If you're curious and/or a potential client wanting to know if I have specific gear or software for your project, here’s some info: 


Steinberg Cubase Pro 10 w/Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
PreSonus Studio One 4
Adobe Audition CC 

I use Cubase for composing, music production and mixing on everything from pop to orchestral along with Vienna Ensemble Pro for hosting orchestral instruments. About 95% of my virtual instruments run in Kontakt. Also use Studio One 4 for mastering and Adobe Audition CC for batch audio processing.

    Avantone C12 Tube Condenser
    Sontronics Apollo II Stereo Ribbon
    Røde NT2A Condenser
    Sennheiser MD-421 II
    Sennheiser e906
    Shure SM57

    NI Kontrol S88 MkII
    Asparion D400 Fader Controller
    Avid Artist Mix
    Expressive E Touché
    Behringer X-Touch Compact
    Korg nanoKONTROL Studio
    Metagrid on iPad


    Intel i9-7940X 14-Core
    64GB RAM / Multiple TB's SSD Drives
    Intel i7-6800K 3.4GHz 6-Core
    128GB RAM / Multiple TB's SSD Drives

RME Fireface UFX Audio Interface
Antelope Orion32 AD/DA Converter
Focal Twin6 Be Reference Monitors
Yamaha HS8 Reference Monitors
UAD-2 Satellite Octo

    (2) Rupert Neve 517 Preamp/Compressor
    Warm Audio WA-412 Preamps
    Black Lion Audio B173 Preamp
    Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
    Teac 2340R Reel-to-Reel

    Moog Subsequent 37
    Korg Prologue 8
    FX Board with: OTO Boum Warming Unit, OTO Bim Delay, Meris Polymoon, Strymon Volante, Meris Mercury 7, Moog MF Drive, Behringer Chorus Space-C
    Fender Baja Telecaster
    Pacific 8x14” Snare
    Pacific 18” Tom
    Remo Rototoms and various percussion